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Snap, Snap, Snap… Pose for the Frame

I have dreamed about a photo booth for years. They are fun and add so much to any party. People want to stay in the photo booth, at most events, and the pictures are classic. From a kids party to a wedding, the fun is endless.

I experienced my first photo booth at a wedding trade show and fell in love. Being able to share the images to your social media account with a tap of a button was awesome. We are working on that feature now, along with the ability to make a video for the bride and groom at weddings!

We have classic backdrop colors, but here is nothing like a custom backdrop wall for only $99. Custom backdrops are wonderful for corporate events and annual events. Your custom backdrop is yours to keep after the event.

If you have ever been to an event with a photo booth, you know the line can be long. Our goal at Figaro Photography is to have an additional booth by the end of 2016 to cut down on the line at huge events. Double the fun! Oh yeah!

Another awesome feature that our booth just came out with is sticker images. This is perfect for your next kids party or school event. Stick your picture on your locker, mirror, or wall, and remember the fun time you had at the event.

If you see something that would add to our photo booth, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We want to meet all of your needs when it comes to photography services.

Brittany Figaro

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